Time sure is a-flyin’.  I was trying to pack, but packing more than a couple days out always seems a little like shoveling mid-snowstorm: lots of energy expended that will ultimately end up achieving nothing.  So instead of packing, I’m now trying to clean my room and organize what’s staying behind.  Trouble is, what’s going and what’s staying are intermingled, so if I’m trying to clean, I can’t help but also pack.  So I’ve taken a time-out, to write in my travel blog.

I found out a few days ago that my best pal Sarah bought a ticket to come hang with us in Budapest, and then travel with us to Prague. Sarah is an exceptionally wonderful traveling companion.  When Jim was living in Buenos Aires a few years back, she and I flew down to visit him (and a few other friends who just happened to also be there).  We cracked jokes and sang songs the whole time.  We used to be roommates, which is how I was sort of able to tell that she’d be a good travel buddy.  She is fearless in new situations, and pretty much always has a good attitude, which are invaluable traits to possess in foreign and forever-changing surroundings.

I’m throwing a Going-Away House Concert tomorrow night, and there’s a lot of work to do on that front, which means I need to get this mother-f#(%@^ing packing done.

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