Monthly Archives: January 2012

Two weeks and counting

I’m leaving the country in 14 days.  My passport just arrived in the mail, which means it’s really happening.

The plan is to meet my boyfriend in Budapest on Valentine’s Day, but don’t get the wrong idea.  We’re not big Valentine’s Day people.  February 13th just happened to be a date on which we could use Jim’s frequent flyer miles to buy my ticket, and it just happens to be an overnight flight.  Having said that, the fact that we’re reuniting in eastern Europe on that day of all days is pretty hilarious to both of us.  It’s very Sleepless-In-Seattle, and not at all what you would expect from a dreadlocked folksinger and a design convention groupie.

The initial preparations have begun, by which I mean I’ve made a list.  List-making is my favorite part of preparing for a trip.  A friend and I once waxed enthusiastic about the joys of making the list: strategically planning outfits for style and compactibility, picking accessories, downsizing toiletries, making sure you have enough stuff to keep you busy on the plane, all while riding waves of excitement at the thought of your impending departure.  The actual suitcase assembly is less enjoyable, which is why I generally put that part off until the absolute last minute– which, incidentally,  is when it becomes really handy to have a list.

I’ll be gone for six weeks, the longest span of time in which I’ve ever been out of the country.  That makes packing a little bit more of a challenge, but it’s a challenge to which I will certainly rise.

Two weeks from today I head to O’Hare, and the adventure begins.